Unarmed Self-Defense Techniques For Anyone

So, let’s talk about some unarmed self-defense for a minute. While we would enjoy being able to carry literally anywhere we are, there will be times where people are completely stripped of their go-to defensive tools (guns, knives, pepper spray, etc.) like at the baseball game, government buildings, etc. so in these instances, there are a few techniques that most anyone, regardless of strength or skill can do.

1. The groin kick-this is a universally painful and debilitating technique that most anyone can do. While society has taught us that this is a “cheap shot” a fight for life is devoid of fairness. Many people widen their stance to balance themselves during an attack, leaving this option almost always available. If grabbed from behind where your arms are trapped, stepping on someone’s toe or raking their shin will likely cause them to step back, allowing enough space to get a strike with some momentum.

2. The eye poke-while this method typically invokes thoughts of the Three Stooges, this method is effective regardless of age, strength, or physical ability. A better technique for this attack is placing the index and middle fingers on top of one another and using tension between the two fingers to brace the knuckle joints and going for a single eye. The plain answer for this is that someone can’t effectively attack what they can’t see.

3. The ear clap-this technique has been seen in dozens of action movies, typically depicted by the hero/heroin quickly slapping the ears of their opponent with cupped hands. The reason why this works is because the air pressure created by slamming the cupped hands over the ears results in ruptured ear drums. While most people will say “okay, well they don’t need to hear me to hurt me” what they don’t understand is that the inner ear is responsible for the body’s sense of balance. There are small crystals in the inner ear that control balance, and when they get knocked out of alignment, in this case by impact and air pressure, they will cause dizzying disorientation with symptoms similar to vertigo (or being extremely drunk).

I hope this has been helpful to you guys. As always if there are any topics you would like to hear about or questions you have, I would love to hear them.

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