CCW Classes

  •  We offer CCW classes for both Missouri and Illinois

  • The MO CCW class is a one day, 8 hour long course and begins at 6:30am at the Bridgeton store

  • The IL CCW is a two day, 8 hour long (16 hours total) course, and begins at 6:30am at the Belleville store      

  • We also offer a military only Il CCW class, which is a one day, 8 hour course (a DD214 copy is required when signing up)

  • MO CCW classes are $150+tax

  • IL CCW classes are $150+tax, per day ($300+tax)

  • Stop in or call the store for complete details 

Private Lessons

  •  We offer private shooting lessons at both locations

  • Private lessons are great for the first time shooter who wants to learn without the distractions of other shooters

  • Instant feedback from our professional instructors results in better shooting skills in as little as one hour

  • Lessons are $65 and are one hour long

  • Lessons are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis

  • See John in Bridgeton or Mike in Belleville to schedule a lesson